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Here is a view of the novel products that we have developed or are currently developing.


New Product; 

New for the end of 2022! A product to enhance the travel experience for "Man's best friend"...a Dog!

It's been said; Necessity is the Mother of invention...After searching we were unable to find the product we desired.  So we moved forward with it's development.  The resulting NEW Product will be introduced for purchase as soon as we secure manufacturing. Stay Tuned! 


Will be made in the USA

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New Product:

A Bowler's finger support designed to enhance the experience for all ages and levels of Bowlers.

* Market research confirmed the many benefits of  Bowling Fingers TM.

“Strength In Numbers”…is the idea behind this patented finger support...Two together is stronger than one!!

 Bowling Fingers™ temporarily joins a bowler’s fingers together providing a consistently strong shot with less chance for finger, hand or tendon injury.

  • Built-in screw & key adjustments for sizing
  • One piece plastic design lasts a lifetime
  • Add tape for a comfortable fit
  • For all ages & levels of finger tip bowlers
  • Use regularly or to help with a hand injury
  • Encourages ball hook...strengthen a shot
  • Quickly slides on-off, can be used with other bowling braces, glove, etc.

Patent # 8,870,670

Made in the USA


New Product:

 The Stud Jack-it is the most effective way to support tarp material for dust control and containment along with other useful construction applications.

·       The Stud Jack-it is also capable of supporting structural weight as in a load-bearing situation.  This would be especially useful when removing a section of wall or to install a structural header (Products currently available consist of metal spring-loaded poles that are unable to support this type of load). 

·        The Stud Jack-it allows for an infinite range of adjustment (based on length of 2x4) to span a desired opening.

·        The Stud Jack-it acts as a pair of extra hands while installing cabinets, drywall, crown molding, etc. or for holding finished materials in place while adhesives dry.

·       The Stud Jack-it can also be used in a horizontal application to temporary block off a particular area, hallway, or space.  This application would be most useful in a commercial setting, leaving no damage behind once the temporary barricade is removed.  This system can also be used to stabilize a vehicles cargo or load.

·       The Stud Jack-it has a proven market path already established by systems currently being sold and used in the construction industry.

·       The Stud Jack-it is a vast improvement over what is currently available to meet requirements set forth by Federal mandates specific to the removal and handling of asbestos and lead-based paint dust control. 

·       The Stud Jack-it's  additional uses is only limited by ones imagination. 

"The Stud Jack-it system is the most effective way to support tarp material for dust control and containment along with other useful construction applications" 

Temporary 2x4 System

Imagination is the only limit to other uses!

*Example - Load Stabilizer or cargo platform

Stud Jack-it Company has licensed it's Patent # 8,959,869 for this product.


New Product:

A seasonal home garden product replace an outdated original design.


******* IT'S GREEN & COMING SOON ! *******


New Product:

Floss-n-Brush Holder TM, *A convenient and sanitary way to arrange the items necessary for proper oral hygiene.  *This inexpensive add-on can be dishwasher sanitized and ultimately recycled.  *When packaged and sold together this novel holder will help to drive sales.  *Conveniently bundled for sale is a toothbrush, toothpaste & dental floss...along with this patent pending reusable holder. 

Patent pending

*Note-Outer packaging is concealing the new be disclosed by the Manufacturer/ Licensee.